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Add Time Tracking to your Zap Payroll service so you can start
saving time and avoid errors caused by re-entering data


  • Reduce costly errors by automatically calculating total hours worked (including overtime).

  • Reduce compliance risks by applying state & federal overtime and double time rules.

  • Save time by never having to calculate or re-enter hours; Time Tacking is fully integrated with your payroll.

  • Save valuable time eliminating double input by allowing employees to enter their own hours.

  • Have flexible options: Online timesheets on a password protected website and/or multi-user online time clock where employees can clock in and out.


  • Receive and approve hours from employees automatically.

  • Have automatic email reminders sent to employees when timesheets are due.

  • Save time by easily reviewing and adjusting hours to fix employee mistakes.

  • Prevent employee abuse with Time Clock Authentication.